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Nandanam Arts

Malavika and Pooja's World of Dance

Dive Into Our Passion

Art has been a medium, which encapsulates cultural, social, and religious values and presents them before the masses who cherish them. It has been a source of entertainment, joy, and the purpose of life to many. For us, dance is our go-to stress reliever, our endless happiness, and our passion.

There is not a single part of the body or mind that dance does not use; our emotions are also in motion when we become the characters we portray. We have always found those experiences of exploring vulnerability and raw emotions to be overwhelming but challenging. It is not an easy task to be in that place of vulnerability but we enjoy every bit of taking the mass of the audience to the world of emotions and stories through dancing.

The 10 long years of patient practice of complicated footwork, vibrant rhythms starting from our early age along with the hand-eye coordination of Bharathanatyam taught us precious values of discipline, hard work, dedication, teamwork, and compassion. Being a dance form that blends dance, music, and theatre, Bharatanatyam helped to shed our inhibitions, stage fear boosting our self-improvisation and confidence. Today, it's our passion, our element, and we love everything about it.


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